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Residence Program

One of W. Ross Macdonald’s most distinctive features is its residence program which is available to students residing over 115 kilometers or 70 minutes from the school. Residence students are provided with a range of comfortable living accommodations including dormitories, apartment units, and detached homes which are all located on campus.

Residence staff provide guidance and support to students to ensure academics are enhanced, student’s lives are enriched with social and recreational activities, and students reside in a healthy environment where they can reach their full potential. The residence and school staff are closely linked to ensure a consistent commitment to the success of each student. At the beginning of each school year, Residential Individual Program Plans are developed for each residence student and progress is monitored throughout the school year. These plans are developed with input from the student, their parent/guardian, student support counsellor, and teachers. Students are assigned to a Life Skills and an Orientation and Mobility Instructor, who works with students on an individual basis throughout the school year.

Each evening, students are expected to be involved in study hour where residence staff support students with their studies and completion of homework. Computers and study rooms are available to students as required. Students are involved in preparing breakfast and dinner, and lunch is provided in the dining hall each day. Senior residence students are involved in grocery shopping as part of a weekly program where they prepare a meal together. The students who reside in the homes on campus prepare dinner together each evening.

Residence students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of social and recreational programs including clubs, special events, and sports activities. Students enjoy reading, music, science, horticulture, and walking clubs. Community based activities including viewing a movie at the cinema, dinner at a local restaurant, and shopping are planned by residence staff. Sports activities include swimming, baseball, soccer, floor hockey, goalball, bowling, skating, skiing, hiking, and fitness programs. In addition, there are a number of special events that occur thoroughout the year.

Consistent and regular communication with parents/guardians is encouraged. Residence students have regular contact with family members and friends by phone, email, texting, skype, and visits to the residence. Residence staff are in contact with student’s parents/guardians on a weekly basis and parents are encouraged to call at any time.

Our residence program is comprised of a range of dormitory, apartment style, and homes which are all located on campus:

David A. Neill Residence

Elementary students between 5 to 13 years of age occupy this residence. There are four independent living areas within this building which accommodate up to 10 students. There is a common living area, a kitchen, bedrooms, washrooms, and an outdoor patio.

Senior Residence

This beautiful, state of the art new residence has 3 floors; the main floor is utilized for Short Term Programs, and the second and third floors are occupied by secondary students who are between 14 and 21 years of age.

The second and third floors each have 4 independent living areas which resemble apartment style units. Each unit accommodates up to 8 students and is equipped with a common living area, a kitchen, bedrooms, and washrooms. There is a large student lounge on each floor where students from each unit can come together to socialize.

Mac and Troughton House

The focus of these two homes is to provide students with an opportunity to increase their daily independent living skills in order to ensure a smooth and successful transition to living within their community after graduation. These students have a higher level of independence and responsibility related to time management, problem solving, planning, and daily living responsibilities including laundry, grocery shopping, and preparing all meals. Many of these students attend community based co-op placements.

Mac House can accommodate up to six senior male students on both the upper and lower level and Troughton House can accommodate a maximum of six senior female students on the upper level and 3 on the lower level.

South View and Park Place Residence

Students who are Deafblind accommodate the main floor of the South View Residence which can accommodate up 12 students. And, there are a number of rooms throughout the building which are utilized for after school programming.

Park Place Residence is located within the school and accommodates up to 6 children who are Deafblind.

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