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WRMS Library

The WRMS Library offers a selection of materials in various formats including Print, Large Print, Audio, Grade One Braille, Grade Two Braille, Print Braille and digital resources. Students are invited and encouraged to borrow materials for class use as well as reading for pleasure in the format that they prefer. As public libraries adapt to the changing needs of their users with the incorporation of technology, it is important to remain current and relevant to our students by providing resources that reflect and encourage forward thinking.

The library catalog received an overhaul in 2010 and is available from school or home at Undergoing renovation through the summer of 2014, the physical space features two computer labs, one designed as a traditional lab and the other set up for small group learning with personal technology. The library lighting has been customized with a dimming system which enables students to set the lighting that is best suited for their level of vision. Offering a variety of seating options for secondary students from couches to cafe tables, elementary students also have a space designated for story time. No longer a silent hallowed hall, the library is a place for students to collaborate and communicate in a relaxed atmosphere.

WRMS LibraryDecember 2014, the WRMS library hosted the first day time sleepover, asking K-6 students to wear their pajamas, bring a stuffie or blanket, snuggle up and read. There was a read aloud, students decorated pillowcases, ate popcorn, and had a pillow fight to finish the day. Experiential learning provides students with experiences in order to enhance their learning, in this case to connect an experience with the subject of their reading.

The Forest of Reading Program was brought to WRMS in the winter of 2009. This program, hosted by the Ontario Library Association, encourages readers to read Canadian books by Canadian authors. The Forest of Reading at WRMS began with the Blue Spruce program, which is designed for students K-3. At this level, students read or have read to them 10 picture books and vote on their favourite. The votes are tallied and a winner is announced at the school level . Votes are then submitted for a provincial tally and a winner is announced.

WRMS Library
WRMS has also offered other levels of the Forest of Reading program, including Red Maple (for grades 7-8) and White Pine (for grades 9-12). At this level students must read at least 3 books to be eligible to vote for their favourite. In the spring of 2015, students will participate in the first White Pine Battle of the Books, which asks students to read 2 White Pine titles and join a team to participate in a trivia competition about all 10 books.

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